Friday, September 25, 2009

Michelle & Fabrizio : Engagement

Bee Tree Park
Todd Studios : St. Louis Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of shooting Michelle and Fabrizio's engagement session a couple of weeks ago.
With lines from The Family Guy and other one liners, these two had me cracking up the entire hour. Their July wedding seems just around the corner and I can't wait-here are a few of my favorites. Oh! Michelle, thank you so much for the Starbucks, great way to start our session! Have I mentioned how cool my brides are?


  1. You are so welcome for the Starbucks! Anytime! We will have to have about 10 cups of "Joe" on the day of the wedding!!! You did an AMAZING job with us un-photogenic people! Thank you!!!

  2. The last picture is my absolute favorite. Sounds like a very fun photoshoot!